Meet Your Yogini



Your Yogini Sue

As the daughter of a nutritionist and the granddaughter of a nurse, health and healing were engrained into Sue’s value system from an early age. She began going to Yoga classes with her mother as a toddler and blossomed into a Yoga Practitioner and life-long lover of Yoga. However, it took a series of major spiritual awakenings (and a move to Los Angeles) to finally bring her to teaching.


Sue’s life's work is to help individuals reclaim their power; to help them realize that they are their own key to unlocking their optimal health, joy and success. Sue encourages her students to “get out of their own way” that they may bring their unique message to the world. Taking a holistic view, Sue's ultimate intention is to help her clients awaken to their own abilities that they may become active participants in their own resurgence and healing. She helps them transform and release that they may find their truest, purest selves. Sue understands that healing is not merely physical; that connecting mind, body and spirit through Yoga allows for real presence in the NOW, that we all may confidently tune into our body's wisdom, heed its message, finally let go of our “baggage” and heal.


With her holistic approach and plucky creative spirit, Sue challenges us to join her in her own journey to break down the boundaries of the traditional and expected. In that vein, her current favorite Yogic forms are Circular Yoga and H2yOga (water yoga).


In Circular Yoga, Sue utilizes her own movement training to take traditional vinyasa flow and open it up to include the cyclical nature of the universe. By joining each moment to the next via breath and movement, she creates a seamless route for energetic growth and shedding of old beliefs and limitations.

Sue continues to break new ground with H2yOga (water yoga), where the benefits of traditional yoga meet the benefits of an aquatic workout. By alleviating pressure on the body, the buoyancy of the water creates exciting new options for people with physical limitations such as knee problems, arthritis, MS, joint problems, and obesity that can make a traditional yoga practice difficult. Its also great for anyone who loves yoga or wants to lose weight fast! H2y0ga is Sue's own brand of water yoga where she combines an innovative use of water-weights with traditional yoga poses and flowing dynamic movements to create a unique, virtually gravity-free workout unlike anything else.


Sue is thrilled to be the in-house Yoga Instructor at Los Angeles' premiere Live! Work! Play! Building: TenTen Wilshire where she teaches bi-weekly classes to busy working professionals and students.


Sue draws on yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, mudras, chakras, color therapy and other ancient yogic healing therapies that help activate the body's innate healing capabilities.


Her major influences include: Joseph Campbell, Deepak Chopra, Richard Moss MD, Julia Cameron, David Razowsky, Lara Anderson, Dr. Dianne Valla, Joe Hart, Lloyd Williamson, Shiva Rea and her amazing family and friends.


Supplementing her Yogic training, Sue is a student of Anatomy and Physiology from a Movement perspective as well. Her Movement training includes both Alexander Technique (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art London, American Musical and Dramatic Academy NYC) and Williamson Technique (Actors Movement Studio NYC, Rutgers University). She is also a former gymnast, studied with the American Mime Theatre in New York and has extensive Ensemble/Physical Theatre training based on the Viewpoints and Joe Hart’s work. Sue teaches H2y0ga, Pre/Post-Natal, Level 1-2 Vinyasa, Power, Circular Yoga and Yoga for Actors. Sue is certified through Yogafit.