"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,

it became a butterfly."


Yoga Cocoon Workshops


Learn to do Yoga in a Safe Classroom Style Environment!

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  • The Traveling 4-Week Introductory Intensive
  • Chakra Workshop
  • Owning The Universal Space
  • Yoga for Busy People
  • Circular Yoga
  • Yoga for Better Sex

In this exciting intensive..Go from ZERO TO 60 (in yoga terms) in just FOUR 3-HOUR SESSIONS.

Our Bodies are the vessels that house our experiences...so let's go get some!!

Travel to scenic locations in Hollywood: do Downward Facing Dog in a Dog Park, Shivasana in a Cemetery, and Sun-Salutations one morning to Welcome the Sun.

TRANSFORM from someone who's NEVER done yoga before into someone who participates in yoga classes CONFIDENTLY and SAFELY.

Learn yoga in a safe environment: Get one-on-one guidance to address your particular needs, learn the poses and flows, build your yogic-vocabulary: understand the lingo, incorporate breathing techniques to optimize your practice, get your questions answered.

Materials included in this course:

FREE Yoga Mat

FREE Myyogini Guide to Yoga Poses

FREE BONUS H2y0ga Water Yoga Class

8 classes. Each of the first 7 classes focuses on poses to open up each specific chakra, mudras to strengthen that chakra, what the chakra is about, it’s focus etc. Each class begins with a warm-up that reviews the previous class. The 8th class is a Kundalini style class drawing energy from the base chakra all the way to the crown integrating all the energy centers.
Class Breakdown: Eight 3-hour classes. Classroom-Style Environment.
In the world around us is the air space, the floor space and the middle space in between. These are the spaces we explore in our yoga practice on our mat. We find peace on our mat, however for so many of us, once we step off our mat into the outside world, things change. This workshop focuses on bringing the peace and energy we feel on our mat in our yoga and joins it with the outside world—workshop participants connect with each other balancing out the space in continuous movement flows for this unique and empowering series.
Class Breakdown: Five 2-hour classes. This is a workout with a Classroom-Style portion of the class.
This Hybrid Series Creates a Yoga Practice for You that can be done daily. Learn to incorporate yoga into your daily life, simple breathing techniques to reduce stress, how to do yoga at your desk or in your car, and a short workout that can be fit into any schedule. Package includes 2 Classroom-Style 3-hour Classes and 3 Private Sessions 1-hour sessions.
An exercise in unlimited possibilities. Movement meets Yoga…in a circle! Working in the round, actively incorporating every direction and dimension of space, this class will completely change the way you look at Yoga.
We live in a 3 dimensional world. Now your yoga will too!
Class Breakdown: Three 1-hour classes. Classes are workouts.


Take your relationship to the next level.

This popular workshop incorporates breathing techniques, hip openers, and inner thigh and arm strengtheners for a truly rapturous experience.

Be strong and flexible in the places that count and be more open so you can connect.

Get in touch and become a better lover.

Partner not required.